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Lee Pitts - A Handmade Life

A Handmade Life

"Should you ever find life's endless and merciless waves crashing over you, drowning your dreams and washing away all hope, just remember that those same relentless waves also have the power to lift you to higher ground."

ISBN 978-0-9666334-5-0
Price: $14.95


Lee Pitts - A God's Country

God's Country

"Where is God's Country?" you may wonder. Don't bother looking on any map for it, or spinning the globe in search of such a place. You won't find it in any atlas. God's Country is found in the vacant spaces, out beyound the city limits where there is still a lot of country left in this country.
Although many Americans can trace their roots to the farms, ranches and small towns of this country, most rural residents couldn't wait to leave in search of a better life in the big city. Countless urban dwellers now find that there is something missing in their lives. What they lost can be found here, in Lee Pitts' Essays From God's Country.

ISBN 0-9666334-2-3
Price: $12.95

Lee Pitts - People Who Live At The End of Dirt Roads

People Who Live At The End of Dirt Roads

offers a country dose of old-fashioned simplicity and values to urbanites and ruralites alike.
Pitts, the editor for Livestock Market Digest, has a way of writing that captures the goodness, the wholesomeness of country life and leaves the reader with a familiar yearning to discover or rediscover that aesthetic. His essays talk about "important stuff" like barns falling down, kids growing up, small towns, letter writing, homesickness and hamburgers.
At a time when people seem to be searching for a simple life grounded in values, these touching essays encourage us to go home, to wander down the lanes and find peace and contentment at the end of dirt roads.

ISBN 0-9666334-1-5
Price: $12.95

Lee Pitts - A Collection of Characters

A Collection of Characters

Some possessive people collect antique art wihile others dabble in dolls or round up well-worn saddles and spurs. Lee Pitts collects people. Dusty old characters mostly. Between these covers you will meet some of them: philandering fakes, a witch, DAR members, a one eyed man and two and three legged skunks.
With friends like these an author has no chance of ever having writer's block.
The author's motives for compiling this collection are not entirely for historical purposes. Hysterical maybe.
This piece of work by syndicated humorist Lee Pitts is his humble effort to preserve for posterity the most memorable pieces form his very own collection of characters.

ISBN 0-9666334-3-1
Price: $12.95

Lee Pitts - Back Door People

Back Door People

"Architects often design houses with fancy facades and decorative doors on the front. But outside the city limits they seldom get used. Country folks use the back door."
This book is a compilation of poignant essays about country folks and those who would like to be. Soul stirring and often humorous, these stories about barns, babies, amiable animals, friendly neighbors and other familiar things will inspire and delight.
Selected from the best of his syndicated column, Lee Pitts offers a look at life from his simple perspective... a world where back door people are always welcome.
ISBN 0-9666334-0-7
Price: $11.95

Lee Pitts - These Things I Wish

These Things I Wish for You...

"We tried so hard to make things better for our kids that we made them worse. Instead of an allowance, we gave them credit cards. Instead of a spanking, we gave them drugs. Instead of our time, we gave them day care. Personally, I want more than that for America's young future. For the grandchildren of my generation, these things I wish for you..."

ISBN 0-06-089018-5
Price: $14.95


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